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Choose Software First

Software, not hardware, is driving the enhanced customer experience and operational efficiency.

A single software application across multiple hardware platforms is only the beginning. A Phoenix solution supports multiple themes in a single application:

  • Unique terminal themes based on location and business rules.
  • Targeted personal themes.

Imagine the efficiency and cost savings of leveraging one application across borders, and even across kiosks, LCDs, mobile and teller assist devices.

Talk to the experts at Phoenix: You'll see why leading financial institutions, around the world, choose Phoenix software first.

Target & Engage Your Customers

Improve and enhance your conversations with your customers so that each interaction is as personal and meaningful as if face-to-face with your best people. This is the strategic direction that drives our solutions:

  • Two-way communication – to and from your customers.
  • 1:1 targeted offers, alerts and messages.
  • Intelligent presentation based on location, configuration, date/time and your customer's preferences or usual transactions.
  • Orchestration of offers and personalization across channels.
  • Increase wallet share and attract new customers.
  • Remove reliance on lengthy testing and deployment cycles.
  • Rapidly change marketing content at one or more targeted locations - without impacting availability.

Click Here (PDF) to find out how you can increase take-up rates.

Intelligent Deposits

Phoenix has set a new benchmark for
performance and customer experience.

  • A superior customer experience inspires confidence
    whether depositing a single check or a stack of checks and cash.
  • Differences across hardware platforms are seamless
    - all the latest deposit taking devices are supported
    (single throat, dual throat, mixed media).
  • Multi-vendor amount recognition and image quality analysis solution delivers consistent and superior check acceptance rates
    across hardware vendor platforms.
  • Centralized access to detailed deposit information for
    effective exception management.

Ask Us How: Our creative solutions can help your organization
avoid the pitfalls of deposit automation.

Solve Business Problems

For years, we have led the industry with our desktop Developer Workbench that has enabled our clients to reach an unprecedented level of self sufficiency. We continue to lead with our Commander™ suite of "Managers". Commander evolved to address the business challenges and "wish lists" of our clients for new tools and solutions to help them run their business more effectively and profitably.

  • Campaign Manager - target, deploy and manage marketing content
  • Content Manager - a content management system for self service
  • Troubleshooting Manager - centralized electronic journal and logs
  • Asset Manager - a site audit without a site visit
  • eCommunications Manager - email receipts, check images, and marketing offers
  • Software Manager - a remote software deployment solution for self service
  • Deposit Manager - expose intelligent deposit details (cash and checks) in a user friendly GUI for rapid reconciliation and claims processing

Ask Us How: Our creative solutions can help you solve business problems.

Kyle MacDonald wins 2014 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award

November 28, 2014

Kyle MacDonald, the founder and CEO of Phoenix Interactive Design Inc., was recognized as one of Canada’s leading women entrepreneurs at the annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards gala reception in Toronto, Ontario. MacDonald, who received the RBC Momentum Award, is described as “the visionary behind the world’s leading provider of Windows-based multi-vendor ATM software.” The awards recognize Canada’s leading female entrepreneurs who have made impressive and substantial contributions to the local, Canadian and global economy.

Read the full press release (pdf)

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As a leading provider of Self Service Software Solutions, we help clients around the globe change the way they do business with their customers:

  • Abstract differences across hardware with proven,
    robust multi-vendor software.
  • Change and enhance the way you interact with customers with targeted marketing and personalization solutions.
  • Run your business more effectively and profitably with industry-leading management and development tools.