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More compelling options available with VISTAatm Multi-Vendor software

Published on February 15, 2003.

Phoenix is pleased to offer customers around the world EMV. compliance in our multi-vendor ATM software package VISTAatm. A multi-vendor EMV Kernel is now available from Phoenix for all existing and new VISTAatm customers. The VISTAatm EMV Kernel is an add-on, optional module from Phoenix that has undergone complete Level 2 Type Approval for the EMV 4.0 Specifications from EMVCo LLC.

As card issuers grapple with growing card fraud activity in the marketplace, the options available to help combat fraud have become increasingly important. The EMV standard for Integrated Circuit Card technology and security, also known as EMV Chip Card or Smart Card technology, is an option employed by the industry to reduce the fraudulent use of magnetic stripe cards.

"Customers around the world now have the option to implement EMV compliant Chip-card functionality at their ATMs by leveraging the VISTAatm EMV Kernel from us", states John Spenler, Managing Director of Phoenix Interactive. "This satisfies our customers' requirements to comply with EMV mandated dates today. It also ensures they have the flexibility of choosing any hardware platform they wish. The VISTAatm multi-vendor terminal software and add-on VISTAatm EMV Kernel offer a seamless application across all their network hardware.

In addition to the European experience with Chip-cards, other areas around the world can also take advantage of more secure card transactions at the ATM. VISTAatm's single run-time code base software application for multi-vendor ATMs and modular design enables the introduction of add-on features such as the VISTAatm EMV Kernel easily either within the initial implementation of VISTAatm or as a future enhancement when the ATM network is ready to adopt chip card technology.

"While the industry outside of the UK and Europe haven't had mandated requirements to adopt Chip Cards to date, the improved security they offer above magnetic stripe cards may be a differentiating factor. It could become a viable alternative to offset the cost of fraud in the future. Our VISTAatm solution coupled with the add-on VISTAatm EMV Kernel offers all customers the option and flexibility to implement an EMV-compliant ATM application when they are ready to do so."


Formed in 1999 by Europay International, MasterCard International and VISA International, EMVCo manages chip card specifications for payment systems. EMV Level 2 Type Approval certifies that the terminal application conforms to the EMV chip-card functionality standards. The latest version of the specifications, EMV 2000 version 4.0, was published in December 2000. To learn more about EMVCo, please visit their website at

EMV. is a trademark owned by EMVCo LLC.

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