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VISTAatm™ is a Windows based multi-vendor ATM software solution. It is an open standards platform that includes a built-in ATM application with standard transactions and functionality that can be deployed "as is" or extended to incorporate advanced functionality.

Realize the Power of One

Eliminate redundancy with a true multi-vendor solution. No matter your hardware choice – choose one message protocol. One customization image. One device handler. Implement and test just once. With one software solution.

Increase Availability

We've established an enviable 99% availability rate and proven operational integrity across a global base of flagship installations. How do we do it? Phoenix intelligence. Our software transforms “dumb ATMs” into “smart terminals.” Our software diagnoses and fixes problems at the terminal level . Minimize downtime and lower costs.

Tear Down the Silos

Scalability, risk mitigation and superior open architecture are the hallmarks of Phoenix software. Our service-oriented architecture (SOA) positions you to realize the benefits of channel integration and eliminates the need for redundant systems inherent in non-Phoenix environments.

Accelerate Speed to Market

Phoenix can transform your vision into a fully operational system with industry-leading deployment times. A rich set of built-in business functions and an application based on the fundamentals of self-service best practices means integration in weeks not months and deployment of new features in hours, not days.

Bank on Our Security

Our software fortifies networks with advanced lockdown systems to protect customer data and built-in package signing to block rogue applications. Our fully upgradeable components rapidly integrate security advancements. We partnered with Microsoft to develop industry standard security settings for Windows ATMs.

Differentiate Your Brand

An ATM is a place where people conduct banking business and for ten seconds focus their attention on a display screen – that makes ATM customers a captive audience. Terminals are customizable digital billboards that extend your marketing reach. Leverage the self-service channel to communicate your brand to each and every customer.

Transform Transactions into Interactions

Collect customer knowledge then put it to work. Phoenix converts transactions into interactions through 1:1 targeted marketing, personalized screen displays and customizable preferences. Redefine the customer experience with Phoenix software.


We chose to partner with Phoenix and selected VISTAatm to deliver on our commitment to providing personalized and integrated services across all channels.

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